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The Transcontinental Railroad is Completed Yesterday In Travel

On today's episode, we discuss a physical connection that happened in travel history: the 1869 completion of the transcontinental railroad in the United States and, specifically, the moment that the East Coast connected with the West coast at Promontory Point, Utah. It was a monumental undertaking that proved to be a pivotal moment for the country. It forever altered where and how Americans lived, and sparked a new era of trade and leisure travel. Unfortunately, it also quickened the pace of environmental degradation and subjugation of the native peoples of North America.  For this episode, we speak to special guest Sean Fraga, PhD, a historian of the North American west and a Mellon postdoctoral fellow at USC. He's currently working on his first book about the transcontinental railroad, Asian trade, and the Puget Sound, which will be published by Yale University press. 
  1. The Transcontinental Railroad is Completed
  2. Sputnik Orbits Earth
  3. Fidel Castro goes to Harlem
  4. Medellin's MetroCable
  5. Frederick Douglass Goes to Ireland

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