Why Make a Podcast about Travel History?

Travel is in a weird place. What better time to look back to see how we got here—and where we might go?

Hi! We’re Brian and Kaleena, the voices behind Yesterday in Travel. Yesterday in Travel is a podcast about moments in travel history—and how the travel industry may develop in the future.

Why start a podcast about travel history?

  • We love podcasts
  • We love travel
  • Travel (as we know it) could soon change in a huge way—and it should

Our goal is to create a dialogue about the future of travel. What better way to do that than to look first to the past?

Listen to our trailer. Check out our episodes below. And don’t forget to subscribe!

Brian & Kaleena

Fidel Castro goes to Harlem Yesterday In Travel

On today's episode we explore a moment of travel history from our own backyard—New York City. We get into the story of when Fidel Castro visited Harlem in September 1961. This was not only a big moment in travel history—few foreign leaders, if any, had paid a visit to Harlem before Casto—but it also tells us a lot about racial politics during the Cold War.
  1. Fidel Castro goes to Harlem
  2. Medellin's MetroCable
  3. Frederick Douglass Goes to Ireland
  4. Nixon Goes to China
  5. Tourism and the "Spanish Miracle"

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