George Harrison and the Hippie Trail

In episode three, we’re taking a trek to the Hippie Trail—an unofficial route popular among young Westerners looking for enlightenment. George Harrison did not walk the Hippie Trail himself. However, his interest in Eastern culture and music amplified ideas about Hinduism, India, and yoga.

In this episode, we discuss Harrison’s 1966 trip to India. The young rocker noticed a sitar on the set of the Beatles movie Help! and began to educate himself about Eastern music. Most people will probably recognize his initial (somewhat clumsy) sitar playing on the classic Beatles tune Norwegian Wood.

By 1968, Harrison returned to India with the entire band. The Beatles trip to India created huge media interest.

Was Harrison a trendsetter? Or did his attraction to Eastern culture come out of the 1960s post-WWII, post-colonial society in which he lived? We delve into it!

Check out George Harrison and the Hippie Trail HERE.

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