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Fidel Castro goes to Harlem Yesterday In Travel

On today's episode we explore a moment of travel history from our own backyard—New York City. We get into the story of when Fidel Castro visited Harlem in September 1961. This was not only a big moment in travel history—few foreign leaders, if any, had paid a visit to Harlem before Casto—but it also tells us a lot about racial politics during the Cold War.
  1. Fidel Castro goes to Harlem
  2. Medellin's MetroCable
  3. Frederick Douglass Goes to Ireland
  4. Nixon Goes to China
  5. Tourism and the "Spanish Miracle"

Medellin MetroCable

Jump back with us to 2004—when the city of Medellin in Colombia opened its MetroCable. These “urban gondolas” ferry residents from the high, historically poor slopes of the city to its center, giving residents access to better jobs and a stronger sense of community. Travel is often a big picture word. Medellin provides a goodContinue reading “Medellin MetroCable”

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics

For this episode, we’re going back in time to Tokyo—specifically, to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Why talk about the Olympics on a show about travel? The 1964 Olympics completely revolutionized the world’s image of Japan. Tokyo reinvented itself as a dazzling, forward-thinking metropolis and lay the groundwork for much of its futuristic reputation today. ListenContinue reading “The 1964 Tokyo Olympics”

George Harrison and the Hippie Trail

In episode three, we’re taking a trek to the Hippie Trail—an unofficial route popular among young Westerners looking for enlightenment. George Harrison did not walk the Hippie Trail himself. However, his interest in Eastern culture and music amplified ideas about Hinduism, India, and yoga. In this episode, we discuss Harrison’s 1966 trip to India. TheContinue reading “George Harrison and the Hippie Trail”


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