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Trotsky is Exiled (and murdered) in Mexico Yesterday In Travel

Today we discuss the Soviet Revolutionary Leon Trotsky’s exile in Mexico, his relationship with artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and his ultimate murder by ice pick at the hands of an agent of Stalin’s secret police.
  1. Trotsky is Exiled (and murdered) in Mexico
  2. The Transcontinental Railroad is Completed
  3. Sputnik Orbits Earth
  4. Fidel Castro goes to Harlem
  5. Medellin's MetroCable

Sputnik Orbits Earth

For this episode, we’re going all the way to space. On October 4, 1957, Sputnik — a Soviet satellite — took the skies. The tiny satellite emboldened the Soviets, terrified the Americans, and marked the official beginning of the “Space Race.” Space might be the next frontier of travel. We get into how it allContinue reading “Sputnik Orbits Earth”

Medellin MetroCable

Jump back with us to 2004—when the city of Medellin in Colombia opened its MetroCable. These “urban gondolas” ferry residents from the high, historically poor slopes of the city to its center, giving residents access to better jobs and a stronger sense of community. Travel is often a big picture word. Medellin provides a goodContinue reading “Medellin MetroCable”

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics

For this episode, we’re going back in time to Tokyo—specifically, to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Why talk about the Olympics on a show about travel? The 1964 Olympics completely revolutionized the world’s image of Japan. Tokyo reinvented itself as a dazzling, forward-thinking metropolis and lay the groundwork for much of its futuristic reputation today. ListenContinue reading “The 1964 Tokyo Olympics”


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