President Obama Goes to Cuba (2016)

For our fourth episode, we take a look at President Obama’s historic trip to Havana in 2016. In this episode, we talk about what led to Obama’s 2016 trip, what happened during his trip, and what his trip means for Americans who want to travel to Cuba today. This is our longest episode yet—and forContinue reading “President Obama Goes to Cuba (2016)”

George Harrison and the Hippie Trail

In episode three, we’re taking a trek to the Hippie Trail—an unofficial route popular among young Westerners looking for enlightenment. George Harrison did not walk the Hippie Trail himself. However, his interest in Eastern culture and music amplified ideas about Hinduism, India, and yoga. In this episode, we discuss Harrison’s 1966 trip to India. TheContinue reading “George Harrison and the Hippie Trail”

Hawaii and Hurricane Iniki

For our second episode, we’re going to discuss the beautiful island of Hawaii. More specifically, the history of tourism in this destination paradise—and the 1992 hurricane that threatened to tear it all apart. Hawaii’s appeal to travelers is obvious. The island offers beautiful beaches, fantastic cuisine, and plenty of hikes to explore. Even today, theContinue reading “Hawaii and Hurricane Iniki”

The Moment Travel Changed

Travel has evolved significantly in the last several hundred years. We’ve gone from religious pilgrimages, to steamship voyages, to jumbo jets. In this episode, we discuss a moment in travel history which transformed how people travel in the 20th-century. It may sound dull, but we promise that the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 is moreContinue reading “The Moment Travel Changed”

Why Make a Podcast about Travel History?

Travel is in a weird place. What better time to look back to see how we got here—and where we might go? Hi! We’re Brian and Kaleena, the voices behind Yesterday in Travel. Yesterday in Travel is a podcast about moments in travel history—and how the travel industry may develop in the future. Why startContinue reading “Why Make a Podcast about Travel History?”